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Did you know that coral reef are LIVING ANIMALS?

Coral Reef is often as hard as rock, yet it spawns and reproduces, budding and growing into a wonderland of odd-shaped and colorful habitats for fish, eels, invertebrates and other ocean life. What we see is the exoskeleton of the reef, inside are polyps that have tiny finger like feeders. 

At night the reef comes alive. Using a blue colored light  and shining on coral we can see the reef emitting a UV light. This allows us a unique view at the reef like never seen before. During the day this exact reef may look like a white rock to the naked eye. You can see its finger like arms reaching out and catching tiny floating animals called zooplankton.

What does a healthy reef look like?

Unhealthy Coral Reef: The algae has left some of the reef here, that leads to coral bleaching (the white patches), the reef is not dead but in a very venerable position. This reef is being invaded by a crown of thorns star fish, these are one of the most destructive predators that coral reef faces.

Healthy Coral Reef: A healthy coral reef is essential to all life on earth. Coral reefs rival tropical rain forests as one the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. They are an important indicator of ocean health, hosting a wide variety of plant, animal and microbial life. 

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