Sea Turtles - The Love Waters Underwater Fine Art Prints

The sea turtle is one of the most important animals in the sea. Sea turtles eat sea grass,like mowing your lawn, it is vital that sea grass gets cut in order for it to keep growing.Thats why sea turtle are known as the gardeners of the sea.Sea grass provides many species grounds to breed and spawn. Sea grass beds have dramatically been reduced due to human impact and the depletion of the sea turtles numbers. When sea turtle numbers decline, sea grass beds decline and the species that depend on the sea grass for surveil decline, thus throwing the natural balance to the ecosystem off. When we create unbalance in the oceans ecosystems it effects humans too, we rely on healthy oceans for food  and most of the planets plants and animals are found in the sea.Thats why sea turtle are called the gardeners of the sea.  

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