Rays - The Love Waters Underwater Fine Art Prints

There are two different species of manta rays, Manta birostris (the giant oceanic manta) and Manta alfredi (the resident reef manta). Manta Rays have the largest brain to body ratio of any fish. They are mostly made of cartilage and feed on zooplankton. Because of their gracefully seemingly effortless movement through the water the Manta Ray is called the bird of the sea. Manta Rays give birth to only one, exact replica of themselves which are born ready to fend for themselves. Manta Rays use cooperative feeding techniques and are social. There is much to learn about Mantas but one thing we know for sure, they are more intelligent than we currently believe. Manta Rays biggest threats are linked to humans. Nets, lines, hooks and debris are causing far too many Manta deaths. They are also caught for sport and for their gill rakers which are believed in Chinese medicine to hold special healing properties. Through awareness and conservation we can help the Manta thrive and not just survive.

Unlike the Manta Ray, Blue Spotted Sting Rays have stingers and are half the size.

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